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This video demonstrates a pipeline patrol utilising a Cineflex gyro stabilised camera.

The final product that we provide to our clients includes GPS coordinates and a moving map overlaid on the footage to aid in situational awareness whilst viewing the footage. At any point, the footage can be paused and the coordinates noted in order to inform ground crews of potential hazards or concerns.


From January to April 2013, MI Helicopters had two Bell Longrangers assigned to a seismic operation, conducted by Geokinetics, approximately 100km north of Roma, QLD.

The aircraft performed a variety of roles from crew transfers to medical evacuations, however their main role was to provide lifting capability for the seismic equipment. The equipment was loaded into bags and these were then flown, up to eight at a time, to locations where they were placed on predetermined points for collection by ground crews.


For several months during 2014, MI Helicopters once again supported Geokinetics with their heli-portable seismic projects. In 2014, the operations involved the use of the ‘All Terrain Runner’ for the first time.

Using the ‘All Terrain Runner’ on a 100′ longline, pilots were able to remotely retrieve bags without the assistance of ground crews. In the past, ground based personnel were required to physically connect each survey bag to the hook on the longline. Using the ‘All Terrain Runner’ reduces costs as ground crews are able to concentrate on more complex tasks and it also reduces the risks associated with persons operating beneath hovering aircraft.


If you’re going to be travelling on one of our helicopters soon, why not have a quick look at this safety briefing and familiarise yourself with some of the important safety information. All our passengers are given this briefing prior to boarding our aircraft.

(**Please note this briefing is tailored to our AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ aircraft. You will be given a briefing on the day of your flight that is tailored to the actual aircraft you will flying in.)

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