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Our helicopter fleet consists of several different helicopter types, each suited to a variety of roles.

We can provide the venerable Bell Jetranger and Bell Longranger or should you wish to take advantage of the added safety of twin engines, we can also offer the only Eurocopter AS355F2 ‘Twin Squirrel’ currently registered in Australia.

In addition to the aircraft shown below, MI Helicopters has agreements in place with aircraft leasing companies to allow us to provide additional aircraft at short notice.

Bell 206 Jetranger

Originally developed for a US military contract in the 1960’s, the five seat Bell Jetranger was modified for the civilian market and went on to become one of the most popular light helicopters in the world for the next fifty years. The Jetranger has been utilised for virtually every type of helicopter operation and has one of the best safety records of all single engine aircraft.

  • 4 Passengers
  • Range 500km
  • Cruise speed 185km/hr
  • Approximate Payload 420kg
  • Endurance 3hrs
  • Live GPS Positioning tracking

Bell 206L Longranger

The Bell 206L LongRanger is a stretched variant of the Bell Jetranger which adds two rear-facing seats in between the front and rear seats providing a total of six passenger seats. A patented Nodal Beam suspension system provides reduced vibration for a smoother ride and makes the Longranger ideal for aerial filming.

  • 6 Passengers
  • Range 580km
  • Cruise speed 200km/hr
  • Approximate Payload 550kg
  • Endurance 3hrs
  • Live GPS Positioning tracking

Eurocopter AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’

With excellent handling and robustness, the AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ incorporates twin-engine reliability and performance. Renowned for its low operational and maintenance costs, this helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two Rolls-Royce engines, permitting continued flight to a suitable landing area in the event of a single engine failure. Our Squirrel boasts a corporate leather interior and air conditioning.

  • 5 Passengers
  • Twin engines for increased safety
  • Range 550km
  • Cruise speed 210km/hr
  • Approximate Payload 550kg
  • Endurance 3hrs
  • Air conditioned
  • Live GPS Positioning tracking

Roma base (Head Office)

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