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MI Helicopters assists Ergon after storms ravage the Darling Downs.

MI Helicopters sent two aircraft to Toowoomba to assist Ergon after a storm ravaged an area west of Toowoomba on December 23rd, 2015. Roofs were torn off houses and sheds and as many as 70 power poles were brought down by the storm. Our crews spent five days patrolling the area with Ergon staff as they assessed the damage.

Storm Damage

MI prepares for the upcoming fire season

MI Helicopters recently conducted fire bucket training with our pilots in readiness for the upcoming fire season. The training involved our 520L Waterhog bucket on both our AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ and our Bell Longranger.

JZX with Waterhog bucket


MI Helicopters & Ergon Energy – getting the power back on!

With the recent storms around Roma, MI Helicopters has been kept busy working with Ergon Energy to get the power back on. With the large distances involved and unforgiving terrain, particularly after heavy rain, our helicopters are often the only way that Ergon Energy crews can locate remote faults. If your in the Roma area and you haven’t got power, rest assured that Ergon, along with MI Helicopters, are working hard to ensure it’s reconnected as soon as possible.

What people may not know is that it can take several hours to locate a fault in remote areas. Or in the case of large storms, it can often take days to locate and prioritise the faults. Only then can ground crews attempt to reach the area and rectify the fault, often a difficult task after heavy rain.

Ergon helicopter crews meet ground crews to discuss a plan of attack.
This pole had been struck by lightning which had blown the top of the pole off!
A crew assesses the damage to yet another pole after a lightning strike.
Just finding a place to land can be a challenge!

MI Helicopters adds a second Twin Squirrel to the fleet.

MI Helicopters has added another AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ to the fleet!

This second ‘Twin Squirrel’, VH-PCQ, will be based in Roma. It will serve as backup aircraft to our existing Twin Squirrel whilst also being available for general charter.

Should your helicopter requirements include the added safety of twin engines or the comfort of air conditioning, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff on 1800 600 345.

Aerial filming with MI Helicopters and Dan Proud

MI Helicopters was out today with photographer Dan Proud doing some aerial filming of various sites around Roma and Miles. The filming involved both still and digital video using state of the art cameras.

Should you need some aerial filming done why not give our friendly staff a call to discuss your requirements. Our pilots have a wide variety of filming experience that includes everything from small corporate videos to Hollywood motion pictures!

If you need a great photographer then contact Dan Proud on 0408 702 782 or check out his website here –

MI Helicopters uses ‘All Terrain Runner’ on seismic project.

MI Helicopters has begun using the ‘All Terrain Runner’ on it’s latest seismic project with Geokinetics, one of the largest independent geophysical companies in the world. The All Terrain Runner allows the pilot to deploy and retrieve equipment remotely without the need for ground based personnel to be in attendance. This increases the efficiency of the operation and reduces the risks associated with having people beneath a hovering helicopter.

All Terrain Runner
All Terrain Runner 2
ONR Hovering

Airborne gas detection survey conducted by MI Helicopters in the Roma region.

MI Helicopters recently conducted an airborne gas detection survey for a major coal seam gas provider in the Roma region. The gas detection system was mounted to our AS355 Twin Squirrel and flown over 1000 nautical track miles in three days.

The airborne gas detection system constantly monitors and plots it’s GPS position along with the methane concentration in the air passing through the gas detector. This information can be saved in a variety of formats and overlaid on maps to illustrate the area that has been surveyed along with a graphical depiction on the survey results.

By using aircraft, our clients can accurately and efficiently survey large areas without having to disturb land owners or enter their properties. Our pilots are made aware of, and avoid, sensitive areas in line with our clients environmental policies.

As anticipated, this particular search returned positive results for the client with no emissions detected.

Click here for more information about the airborne gas detection system.

MI Helicopters joins IAGSA


MI helicopters has joined the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA).

IAGSA promotes the safe operation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft on airborne geophysical surveys. Member companies conduct low-level survey flights, and are committed to safe aircraft operations. Our association develops recommended practices, serves as a center for exchange of safety information and as a repository for specialised statistics.

Click the IAGSA logo above for more information.

IAGSA Certificate

Aerial filming with the Cineflex camera.

Cineflex on the Twin Squirrel (2)


In late September, MI Helicopters conducted an aerial survey of an Origin gas pipeline. As part of the survey we partnered with Aerial Camera Systems to capture high definition footage of the entire pipeline using a gyro stabilised Cineflex camera mounted to our Twin Squirrel. The $500,000 Cineflex camera provides unparalleled stability when filming from a moving platform and is most commonly used for film and television productions. Most recently they were used extensively during the filming of the 2013 America’s Cup in SanFrancisco.

The camera is capable of capturing high definition footage which is then GPS referenced to provide the client with a moving map display overlaid on the edited footage. At any time the client can pause the footage to examine an area more closely and if they believe the area requires closer further attention by ground based crews, the latitude/longitude is also displayed on the screen so an accurate location can be provided to the ground crews.

The Cineflex camera is available for hire on a daily rate and can also be fitted to our single engined Bell Jetrangers or Longrangers. Please call us on 1800 600 345 or use our contact page if you have any queries regarding the Cineflex camera system, we’d be only too happy to discuss your ideas.

Cineflex on the Twin Squirrel (4) Cineflex on the Twin Squirrel (5)


‘Twin Squirrel’ added to MIH fleet.

AS355 airborne

MI Helicopters has added a Eurocopter ‘Twin Squirrel’ to their fleet. The AS355F2 model is the only one of it’s type in Australia and offers the safety benefits of twin engines. The aircraft was recently refurbished and incorporates a VIP leather interior and air conditioning for added comfort. The Squirrel is available for all your helicopter requirements, please call our friendly staff on 1800 600 345 or email us here to discuss pricing and availability.

Eurocopter AS355F2 'Twin Squirrel'

IMG_0371 (1)

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