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Fairview Operations
Fire & Floods
Photography Showcase
Powerline surveys and support
Seismic operations
Sling operations
  • VH-ONR Star trail
  • Nice landing spot!
  • Sunrise at Fairview
  • The office!
  • Sunset over the Jetranger
  • ITM Sunset
  • JZX Sunset
  • Lightning over Roma
  • The Milky Way over JZX
  • Lightning over ZWB
  • VH-ONR departing
  • Supermoon!
  • Lightning over Camp 486
  • JZX star trail
  • Star trails over a Landcruiser
  • Landslides in the Arcadia Valley
  • Flooding near Chinchilla
  • Patrolling with Ergon
  • Our Twin Squirrel
  • Our twin Squirrel coming in to land.
  • Fault found, note the missing pole top after a lightning strike!
  • MIH 5000L Fuel truck for remote support
  • Patrolling with Ergon
  • Volvo 15,000L fuel truck for remote support
  • Aerial photography of powerlines
  • Aerial inspection of powerlines
  • Detailed imagery of faults
  • Detailed imagery of faults
  • Powerline stringing
  • VH-JZQ arriving at Fairview
  • Pipeline survey
  • Crew transfers to a drill site.
  • Gas flare at a compressor site
  • Bell Jetranger conducting a water survey
  • VH-JZQ in the Arcadia Valley
  • Two MI Helicopters Bell Jetrangers
  • Storm brewing over the gas field!
  • Storm cell over 'Fairview' helipad
  • Amazing colour change after rain!
  • Emus at Fairview.
  • Flaring a coal seam gas well.
  • Fuel reduction burn at Fairview.
  • Tight landing spot!
  • Landslides after heavy rain in the Arcadia Valley
  • Landslides after heavy rain in the Arcadia Valley
  • Traffic jam at Fairview!
  • GPS tracks from our Bell Jetranger
  • This is why you don't drive off the road.... or the runway in this case!
  • Slinging water pumps
  • Picking the load up...
  • Bell Longranger with a sling load
  • Bell Longranger
  • VH-NKW Longlining
  • VH-NKW Longlining
  • VH-NKW longlining
  • VH-NKW Longlining
  • VH-NKW Longlining
  • VH-ONI Longlining
  • Bell 206L Longranger
  • Bell Jetranger slinging a water pump
  • Bell Longranger slinging seismic equipment
  • It's a long way down!
  • Picking up the next load.
  • Bell Longranger enroute to another drop off
  • Lifting seismic equipment
  • Lifting seismic equipment
  • An 8 hook carousel ready for the next load.
  • Landing after another long day.
  • The All Terrain Runner
  • 8
  • VH-NKW lifting another load
  • Roma lightning
  • Arcadia Valley landslides
  • Incendiary Operations
  • Incendiary Operations
  • VH-ONR with the 'Waterhog' bucket
  • VH-ONR with 'Waterhog' bucket
  • VH-ONR with 'Waterhog' bucket
  • Fuel reduction burn at 'Fairview'.
  • R44 incendiary operations
  • R44 incendiary operations
  • Flooding near St George
  • VH-JZB on a levy bank
  • Flooding near St George
  • Bushfire during pipeline construction
  • Bushfire near the camp
  • Fuel reduction burn at Fairview
  • Arcadia Valley bushfire

Roma base (Head Office)

Our Head Office is located at...
Hangar Drive, Roma Airport.
Roma, Queensland, Australia.
P : 1800 600 345

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