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MI Helicopters can provide helicopter support for your seismic program whether you require general helicopter support or specialist longlining services for dedicated heli portable seismic programs. We have the aircraft, equipment, remote refuelling facilities and experienced pilots you need to increase productivity and reduce project costs.

An Australian first – Heli Portable Seismic Operations

In 2014, MI Helicopters provided two Bell Longrangers for the first dedicated heli portable seismic project in Australia. The two aircraft conducted thousands of ‘lifts’ and were predominantly used to deploy and retrieve the seismic recording equipment from thousands of predetermined locations that were inaccessible to ground vehicles.

In another first for Australia, an All Terrain Runner (ATR) was utilised. The ATR permits rapid collection of seismic recording equipment without the need for numerous ground personnel to manually ‘hook up’ external sling loads. The ATR is able to collect up to nine bags at a time (depending on aircraft capability). The pilots places the ATR over a prepositioned steel ball that is connected via a lanyard to the bag containing the recording equipment. The ATR picks up the steel ball using magnets, the bag then slides to the rear of the ATR permitting further bags to be collected in the same manner. This technique also improves the overall safety of the operation as it virtually eliminates the need for personnel to be under the helicopter. Watch the 2014 video below to see the ATR in action!

Our commitment to safety

In keeping with our committment to safety, MI Helicopters is a member of IAGSA, the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association.  IAGSA promotes the safe operation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft on airborne geophysical surveys.

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