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MI Helicopters specialises in low level aerial surveying whether it be for powerline patrols, pipeline surveys or feral animal control.

Our pilots are all experienced low level pilots, trained in Crew Resource Management (CRM) and they have all attended ‘Wire and Obstacle’ avoidance courses. Depending on the nature of the survey, all helicopters can be fitted with a moving map computer or tablet showing powerline locations to the observer and pilot in relation to the aircraft.

MI Helicopters can provide the observer if required or the contractor can provide additional staff as an observer. Observers are trained by MI Helicopters in the use of tablet based mapping systems overlaid with Global Positioning System (GPS) information such as position, aircraft tracks, etc.

MI Helicopters utilises a geo-referenced, 12-mega pixel digital camera for still photography and we can also provide geo-referenced, gyro stabilised, high definition cameras for filming should they be required. Stabilised geo-referenced thermal and infra red cameras are also available allowing imagery in low visibility situations such as bushfires. The use of these cameras has the ability to show clearer pictures for such activities as fire fronts, animals and hot spots on powerline networks.

Our survey experience includes,

  • Weed assessment
  • Animals (Pigs, birds, kangaroos)
  • Powerline
  • Fire mapping
  • Gas and oil
  • Seismic

MI Helicopters offers:

  • Superior quality and more detailed data acquisition
  • Easy to use/read reports
  • Multiple aircraft types (Single and twin engined helicopters)
  • Real time tracking systems
  • Quality assured service to all clients
  • Tough Book touch screen GIS system with map overlay.
Tablet with GPS overlay


Roma base (Head Office)

Our Head Office is located at...
Hangar Drive, Roma Airport.
Roma, Queensland, Australia.
P : 1800 600 345

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